Siap Siaga

Reflection Report No. 3: SIAP SIAGA Partner Reflections on 2021 Program Results

The third  SIAP SIAGA Partner Reflection Workshop was held virtually on 9 December 2021, with the aim to provide on the bottlenecks map, with a presentation of key results which have contributed to the bottleneck updates SIAP SIAGA so partners can provide inputs on how SIAP SIAGA can make improvements to the programs on the AWP  2022.

Invited participants came from Development Partners such as UN OCHA, IFRC, UNFPA, WFP, ASEAN Secretariat, USAID – Invest DM 2.0, Knowledge Sector Initiative, Kompak, PMI NTB and ADRA Australia; Grant Partners SIAP SIAGA : BIT , MDMC, LPBI NU, Ademos, Yabiku NTT, as well as various National and Local CSOs such as Local NGO such as Wahana Visi Indonesia, Mercy Corps Indonesia,Humanitarian Forum Indonesia,  Yakkum Emergency Unit, GMIT,  and SuaR Indonesia Jatim , Koperasi Produksi Rumpun Hijau NTB and FPRB and Majelis Desa Adat from Bali, NTT, NTB and East Java and academics from University Airlangga, Catholic University of Widya Maledira (UNWIRA)