Siap Siaga

Celebrating the 2022 Disaster Preparedness Day in Klaten Central Java

The Australia-Indonesia Partnership in Disaster Risk Management is proud to support the annual National Disaster Preparedness Day (Hari Kesiapsiagaan Bencana/HKB). In 2016, the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) chose 26 April to commemorate HKB annually, as it was the day the Bill No 24/2007 on Disaster Management was enacted. This year’s HKB theme is ‘Disaster-Resilient Families, Pillars of the Nation in Facing Disasters’. The National Disaster Preparedness Day aims to increase public awareness of the importance of having knowledge and understanding of disaster risks, foster a culture of disaster awareness, and develop skills on appropriate ways to protect oneself from disasters. This year, BNPB aims to highlight that disaster preparedness needs to be built from the smallest units within the community, preparing the community to face threats, determining the size of the risks, and the impacts of disasters that might occur. This will be combined with further emphasis on increasing community awareness that disaster mitigation efforts are a shared responsibility.

For the 2022 HKB, BNPB intends to showcase the integrated and inclusive systems-based approach that enables more holistic community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM) initiatives and ensure that they support areas with the highest risk and the most vulnerable populations. One of the key activities during the summit event of the 2022 HKB is to showcase testimonies from the spokespersons of the communities living close to the volcanic mountains of Mount Merapi (Jogja), Mount Agung (Bali), Mount Rinjani (NTB), Mount Kelud and Mount Semeru (East Java). They will share valuable insights from their experiences in adopting CBDRM and/or the Welfare-Based Disaster Resilience Village model. The valuable insights will be collected and further developed into a handbook of best practices to be distributed by BNPB during the GPDRR event in May 2022.

On this joyous occasion, a Regional report was released during the main event of HKB, through a symbolic handover ceremony by the Head of BNPB and Kirsten Bishop, Minister Counsellor of the Australian Embassy, to the attending key government officials. 

The report is a key output towards achieving one of the goals of the SIAP SIAGA Program to enhance collaboration between Australia and Indonesia in improving disaster risk management and humanitarian action in the Asia Pacific region and to build the resilience of people and communities likely to be affected by disasters and crises.