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Easier Mobilisation for Disaster Management Volunteers with e-Volunteer

Newsletter October 2023

The East Java Subnational Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), along with the SIAP SIAGA Program, launched and piloted the e-Volunteer application during thef 2023 East Java Volunteer Jamboree from 22 – 24 September 2023 in Magetan, East Java. This application was developed to manage the disaster management volunteer database in East Jave, making it easier to mobilise volunteers in pre-disaster, disaster response, and post-disaster phases.

The East Java BPBD, through the Disaster Management Emergency Operations Centre (Pusdalops PB), supported by the SIAP SIAGA Program, developed an e-Volunteer application to address the need for a comprehensive database and management platform. The e-Volunteer application, facilitates effective data management,  making it easier and more efficient to mobilise volunteers. “We expect, this application will support future activities,” said the Head Executive of East Java BPBD, Gatot Soebroto, just before launching the application on Saturday (23/9).

The idea of managing volunteers’ databases stems from a concern to ensure protection for disaster management volunteers engaged in emergency disaster response actions. Given the high risk associated with their roles, it is important to establish a volunteer management system that includes data collection, reporting, and termination of their duties. A transformative idea took shape during a meeting between the Head of East Java BPBD and the SIAP SIAGA Program.

The idea was materialised and then developed through e-Volunteer. The development of e-Volunteer was a part of the Emergency Disaster Management Plan (RPKB) in East Java, which was collectively developed and agreed upon by the parties and facilitated by SIAP SIAGA Program. With this application, data on more than 2,500 disaster management volunteers in East Java can be captured including their expertise and background in disaster management. Beyond its initial purpose of safeguarding volunteer, this initiative also facilitates decision makers to understand what skills and capabilities are available to support preparedness and emergency response efforts and to deploy them in line with need. 

This application has three key functions, database management, , support for mobilisation and assignment tracking, and mapping of volunteer capacity. In accordance with these functions, this application is intended to capture data fromvolunteer agencies as well as individual volunteers in East Java. After registration, volunteers will have access to manage their profile and availability to be mobilised as volunteers. Therefore, the volunteer data in East Java is expected to be more structured and up to date, making it easier and faster to mobilise them in emergencies. In addition, the volunteer capacity map will be support decision making on the type of capacity building needed by volunteers to address disaster management needs in East Java.

This application is already integrated with the disaster reporting system in East Java. An officer in a disaster-affected area can request volunteer agencies listed in the e-Volunteer application to send their personnel according to the location, capacity, and assignment duration through the daily reporting mechanism.


The launching of this application was planned to coincide with the Volunteer Jamboree in order to raise awareness among, and encourage engagement from the approximately one thousand volunteers attending. .  Therefore, in addition to introducing the application, Pusdalops PB BPBD East Java, together with SIAP SIAGA, offered facilities for volunteer agencies and individuals to input their data into e-Volunteer with technical socialisation and support.

Following the launch of version 01 , e-Volunteer will continue to be developed, both technically and institutionally. This development will be under the coordination of Pusdalops PB BPBD East Java, cooperating with the Joint Disaster Management Volunteer Secretariat of East Java (SRPB East Java).

To support the launch, SIAP SIAGA also held two trainings for attending volunteers on the role of volunteers in post-disaster recovery and on  Gender, Disability, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) mainstreaming in disaster management.

“In particular, we would like to say thank you for the recognition from the East Java Provincial Government for the SIAP SIAGA Program. In the future, we hope the synergy between government and non-government parties in promoting the effectiveness of disaster management in East Java will continue to grow,” said Ancilla Bere, Program Coordinator of the SIAP SIAGA Program in East Java.